Terry Davis

Creative Director,

Content Creator,


Havoc maintains its lean and tenacious culture today, which means I get to wear a lot of hats and exercise a broad range of skills.  On any given day I am called to be a

I am currently in that role at Havoc Television, a multi-platform, music and sports network. I have managed the brand from a precocious start-up, to a global entitiy in 55+ million homes. 

Director  -  Editor  -   D.P.  -  Graphic Designer  -  Animator 

Belief System

I'm originally from Detroit, so I have the auto industry and the mid-western work ethic in my blood, but beyond that, my pedigree is mainly film production and advertising. Having evolved under top agency creatives on legendary campaigns like Apple, I've come to strive for simplicity and focus in my work.

As a graduate of the American Film Institute, I believe solid storytelling is the basis for all successful communication.   Whether it's a powerpoint, or a feature film, or the daily email, for me engagement is about nailing the fundamentals of  narrative.

As manager of the creative and production team, I like to lead from the front and by example.   I take great pride in my work ethic, problem solving, and bullet-proof reliability.




Fine Arts

I've had a bit of a side career as a painter.   You can check out the work here

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